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Tampa Immigration Attorney

Initially, immigration issues revolve around your legal ability to enter this country.  Once in the U.S., the subsequent issues are your continued right to stay here and the desire to be reunited with your family members. The Salem Law Firm is prepared to assist you with your immigration concerns at each stage.

Typically, it is necessary to obtain a visa to first enter the United States.  Work visas, marriage visas and investor visas are some of the more common paths to entry.  Once admitted, many individuals immediately start on the road to citizenship.  However, prior to gaining American citizenship, legal issues may arise that threaten your status as an immigrant to remain in the country.

In any case, you need a knowledgeable Tampa immigration attorney on your side.  Ashraf S. Salem, an Arabic speaker, aggressively ensures your rights are protected.

Visa Practice Areas

Mr. Salem has experience working with clients who wish to enter the country through:

  • Work Visas.  Only a certain number of workers in specific categories of work are eligible for entry in any one calendar year.
  • Marriage Visas.  Some issues concern immigrant vs. non-immigrant status upon application, whether a person is a fiancé or married and the whether the marital status in the country of origin will be recognized in the U.S.
  • Investor Visa.  The dollar amount of the investment, in which area of the country the investment will be made and the potential number of jobs to be created are relevant factors.


Many factors are involved when an application for citizenship is reviewed.  Issues such as immunizations, fraud in the application, family status and country of origin status are among the concerns to be considered.

Criminal Activity

Any allegation of a criminal charge is a major impediment to entry, maintaining status and ultimately citizenship; however, such an allegation is not necessarily determinative.

Business and Marital Status

Once an immigrant enters into a contractual relationship, the termination of that relationship through an adversarial process may have consequences.

Contact a Tampa Immigration Attorney

Too often, immigrants, at whatever status, believe they have no rights.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You do have rights.  Be certain you understand those rights.  Call Tampa immigration lawyer, Ashraf S. Salem at Salem Law Firm (813) 323-5480 for a better understanding of any immigration related issues.  Call today.